Your best shot. By the crowd.

 Your best shot. By the crowd.

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the start

Picme was born out of our own frustrations. Having competed in many mass participation events, we have been constantly frustrated by event photography solutions. Photos are expensive, take far too long to be released, and rarely do you find a great shot of yourself.

Ben was running in an event and Nico was a spectator.  While hanging around and watching, Nico began taking photos of other participants passing by. At the end of the race he had a bunch of great images, but no way of getting the photos to the subjects. He didn't know who they were and couldn't find them after the race. The only identifier he had was their bib number. 

We were inspired and began work on Picme, a platform where spectators can upload their photos and participants can search by their bib number.

Welcome to Picme!

-Ben & Nico